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Driving in New Jersey Construction Zones

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Navigating through construction zones in New Jersey can be a challenging task for drivers. After a sudden accident, drivers may want to seek fair compensation for their injuries.

These areas present various changes in traffic patterns that lead to a crash, and learning about them can help people obey directions.

Lane reductions

Construction projects often lead to lane closures or alterations in lane structures. Drivers may encounter temporary lane shifts, narrowed lanes or even completely closed lanes. This requires them to change their driving accordingly.

Reduced speed limits

Another common adjustment is lower speed limits. This measure gives drivers more time to react to potential hazards and obstacles in the roadway.

Manually controlled traffic signals

In some instances, New Jersey construction zones use manually controlled traffic signals. Either police officers or construction workers are in charge of these. Drivers must follow the instructions given by these individuals to ensure smooth traffic flow and avoid painful accidents, some of which may lead to spinal cord injuries.


Construction zones often lead to detours, redirecting traffic away from the usual route. These can sometimes be confusing for drivers, especially if there are no signs or if they are unfamiliar with the area. Patience and careful attention can help when navigating detours.

Accidents in construction zones

In some cases, accidents still occur in construction zones. If a driver is in a collision with another driver, it is important to handle the situation as a typical car accident. Instead of targeting the construction company for liability, allow an investigation to determine the circumstances leading to the accident. This investigation helps ascertain whether the construction played a role in the incident or if the fault lies solely with the other motorist.

A car collision in a construction zone can greatly change a person’s life and overall health. In the event of an accident, people should slow down and think about the next steps they need to take.