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When a motorist crashes into someone else and flees the scene, it usually makes things much worse for the victims. The Law Office of Donald W. Bedell helps hit-and-run car accident victims in Ocean and Monmouth counties, New Jersey, to obtain maximum compensation for their injuries.

The Danger Of Hit-And-Run Accidents

It is against the law in New Jersey to flee the scene of a car accident, but negligent drivers sometimes do it anyway. They try to avoid responsibility for the harm they caused, but attorney Donald Bedell will help you hold them accountable for what happened to you.

Any auto accident can cause serious injury, but a hit-and-run is especially dangerous. Oftentimes, the other person involved is too badly hurt to call 911 themselves and the first driver is the only other witness. By fleeing the scene, the driver is delaying needed medical attention and potentially making the situation much worse.

Obtaining Compensation Following A Hit-And-Run Motor Vehicle Accident — Uninsured Motorist Benefits

When the negligent vehicle flees the scene, there is still a legal means to be compensated for any injuries sustained from that accident. The Uninsured Motorist provision in one’s auto policy provider that injured auto victims from hit-and-run motor vehicle accidents be covered. Your personal injury claim deserves high-quality legal assistance. Mr. Bedell has been a personal injury lawyer since 1992, and has earned a reputation as a tenacious litigator always willing to take the case to the jury. We know all the complexities of litigation and will pay attention to every detail, creating a rock-solid foundation for your claim.

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