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Pedestrian And Bicyclists Are At Risk For Serious Injuries

After going through a pedestrian or bicycle accident, you could be dealing with painful, debilitating injuries and wondering how you will be able to pay the bills. The Law Office of Donald W. Bedell serves Ocean and Monmouth counties, New Jersey, with aggressive representation and reliable results in personal injury litigation.

Careless Drivers, Injured Pedestrians

Too often, motorists disregard the rights and safety of people on foot or riding a bike. The force of a motor vehicle crashing into a human being generally leads to severe injury.

Contact us if you were hit by a car and suffered any major trauma, including:

  • Back, neck or spinal injury
  • Herniated or bulging disk in neck or back
  • Brain injury
  • Spine injury
  • Ankle fracture with hardware or plate and screws
  • Leg/tibia fracture or break with placement of a rod during surgery of with plate and screws
  • Other fractured bones
  • Knee injury with a torn meniscus
  • Shoulder injury

Riders and pedestrians are also at much higher risk of being fatally injured in a collision.

Bad Drivers Cause Bicycle Accidents

Bike accidents often happen because the motorist was careless or overly aggressive. Drivers fail to check the bike lane before making a right turn, or even open their door right in front of a biker’s path. In some cases, they will crowd or tailgate a cyclist to try to intimidate the rider to “get out of the way.” The result is often a disaster.

Whether you were injured walking across the street or hit when riding your bike, you may be entitled to substantial compensation from the driver and their insurance company. Attorney Donald Bedell aggressively pursues maximum compensation for all of his clients. He regularly takes personal injury claims to court to hold negligent actors accountable.

Free Consultations

We offer free initial consultations with our lawyer. To discuss your legal options after a pedestrian or bicycle injury, please call 732-348-3439. We are also available via email. Our law firm is located in Brick, New Jersey and Toms River, New Jersey.